Laravel , Vuejs , Restapi development with inventory project

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In this course we gonna learn vuejs from scratch. After completed vuejs video then we need to learn api development for building a project.I try to teach here how to develop a API for a project.

After completed this video now going to make a new project from scratch by laravel and vuejs.So guy’s i hope you got a better knowledge about vuejs and laravel.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn Vuesj from scratch.
  • Learn API development from scratch.
  • Laravel vuesj full project

Topics for this course

81 Lessons40h

Learn Vue Js

01 Vuejs (support,instance,elements)00:00:00
02 vuejs tutorial – methods00:00:00
03 vuejs tutorial – One way Data Binding00:00:00
04 vuejs tutorial – events00:00:00
05 vuejs tutorial – event objects00:00:00
06 vuejs tutorial – keyboard events00:00:00
07 vuejs tutorial – Two way Data Binding00:00:00
08 vuejs tutorial – Modifiers00:00:00
09 vuejs tutorial – V-if , V-elseif etc00:00:00
10 vuejs tutorial – V for00:00:00
11 vuejs tutorial – Vue CLI00:00:00
12 vuejs tutorial -Components & Vuefiles00:00:00
13 vuejs tutorial – data function00:00:00
14 vuejs tutorial – Nested components00:00:00
15 vuejs tutorial – css skoped00:00:00
16 vuejs tutorial -Props00:00:00
17 vuejs tutorial – Custome event00:00:00
18 vuejs tutorial- Lifecycle Hook00:00:00
19 vuejs tutorial – axios request00:00:00
20 vuejs tutorial – filter00:00:00
21 vuejs tutorial -Custome search00:00:00
22 vuejs tutorial -Router and project create00:00:00
23 vuejs tutorial -setting routes00:00:00
24 vuejs tutorial – Router links00:00:00
25 vuejs tutorial – Router parameter00:00:00
26 vuejs tutorial – router object00:00:00
27 vuejs tutorial -More router links00:00:00
28 vuejs tutorial -Dynamic redirect & Mode00:00:00
29 vuejs tutorial -Active link00:00:00
30 Vuejs finish course recall00:00:00

Rest API Development

Project developing inventory with pos

About the instructor

Sohidul Islam

Sr Software Engineer

Hi! I'm Sohidul Islam. I'm a developer with a serious love for teaching. I've spent the last few years teaching people to program at 2 different immersive boot camps where I've helped many people become web developers and change their lives.
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This course is amazing and beginner friendly. It is very easy to learn for me.

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Material Includes

  • All files and theme are included.


  • Previous laravel knowledge must

Target Audience

  • Who actually want to learn vuejs, and making a project with laravel vuejs