laravel 9 Basic to Advanced with newsportal project

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In this course we gonna learn laravel from basic to advance and create a real life news portal project from scratch. If you are new to laravel, first you need to learn laravel. Then making a project for strong building your laravel knowledge. We are try to show here how the laravel actually work, How MVC pattern working on project. I hope you got good knowledge about laravel and know how to make a project from scratch.

What Will I Learn?

  • laravel Homestead
  • Request Lifecycle
  • Service Container
  • Service Provider
  • Facades
  • Routing,middleware,controller,model,error handling,etc
  • Multiple authentication
  • Event Listener
  • Mail
  • Notification
  • Task scheduling
  • Querybuilder eloquent Crud , Seeding
  • Laravel localization
  • User role managment
  • Custome Routes
  • Fullproject (Newsportal)
  • ->social login
  • ->social share
  • ->social comment (facebook comment)
  • ->Multiple language
  • -> Image intervention
  • ->Google analytics api
  • -.and more
  • Laravel airlock
  • Socialite
  • Passport

Topics for this course

70 Lessons80h

Laravel learning

01 laravel tutorial (Installation)00:00:00
02 laravel tutorial (Configuration)00:00:00
03 laravel bangla (Directory Structure)00:00:00
04 laravel tutorial (what is MVC)00:00:00
05. Laravel tutorial (Valet Homesteam ,Request lifecycle)00:00:00
06 laravel tutorial (service provide, service container, Facades)00:00:00
07. Laravel tutorial (Routes)00:00:00
08. Laravel tutorial (Blade Template)00:00:00
09. Laravel Tutorial (Middleware)00:00:00
10. Laravel Tutorial (Controller)00:00:00
11 Laravel Tutorial (url,URLto,Route)00:00:00
12. laravel tutorial (extends)00:00:00
13. laravel bangla tutorial (yield)00:00:00
14. laravel tutorial (asset)00:00:00
15. laravel tutorial (root directory change)00:00:00
16. laravel tutorial (migration,env)00:00:00
17 Laravel tutoiral (Authentication)00:00:00
18 laravel bangla – Mail verification ,password reset00:00:00
19 laravel tutorial (Query Builder CRUD)00:00:00
20 laravel tutorial (Eloquent ORM CRUD)00:00:00
21 laravel tutorial Form Validation00:00:00
22 laravel tutorial – Admin panel setup00:00:00
23 Laravel tutorial -Multiauthentication Part 100:00:00
24 laravel tutorial -multiauthentication part 200:00:00
25 Laravel tutorial -Multiauthentication part 300:00:00
26 Laravel tutorial (Custome routes)00:00:00
27 laravel tutorial – seeder00:00:00

Project Developing

Laravel 9 A to Z

About the instructor

Sohidul Islam

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Material Includes

  • All theme and source code will given the course description.


  • No need any previous knowledge about laravel.

Target Audience

  • Who actually want to learn laravel from scratch . and making a real life news portal project.